Benjamin Tam

Teaching and Outreach

I am particularly passionate about teaching and outreach. Although I have no formal training, I have extensive experience in science education, outreach, and public speaking.

At Queen's University, I have been a teaching assistant in physics 104/106 (advanced freshman physics with calculus for physicists/chemists/mathematicians), physics 460 (laser physics and optics), and APSC111 (physics for engineers). I was the recipiant of the 2017 Malcolm Stott Teaching Award. I am also heavily involved in science outreach at Queen's University, and currently the lead ambassador of the Arthur B. McDonald Particle Astrophysics Institute Visitor Center. If you would like to arrange a private tour for yourself or your organization, don't hesitate to get in contact with me.

I am always open to sharing my passion with physics - I invite you to reach out to me if you're looking for someone to talk about science!