Benjamin Tam

About Me

I am a Ph.D student under Dr. Mark Chen with the particle astrophysics group in the department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy at Queen's University. I recieved a B.Sc in Physics at McGill University in 2016. I work on the SNO+ experiment, a cathedral-sized particle detector situated 2km underground at the SNOLAB Research Facility. Previously, I have worked on the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment, the South Pole Telescope, the FIREBall-2 experiment, the GALEX space telescope, and profiling the neutron star Aquila-X1.

I am also a professional wilderness guide and served 6 seasons in Canadian Rockies, based in Banff National Park and Kananaskis Country. I specialize in rock-craft backpacking and river canoeing, have lead 8 expeditions, and have logged over 180 outtripping days.

I am also a Canadian Speed Skater with high-performance experience in both Long and Short track disciplines specializing in 100m and 500m Long Track sprints. Since retiring in 2011, I have also been a high-performance coach with Calgary Speed Skating Association, and the Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association. Some of my former athletes have since qualified for various junior national and national teams around the world. My most recent affilation is with the Kingston Striders Speed Skating Club.

Of particular note, I have a strong passion for teaching, science outreach, and advancing EDI in STEM. I am a past-president of both the McGill Society of Physics Students and the Queen's Graduate Physics Society, and founder of the Innovation, Diversity, Exploration & Advancement in STEM (IDEAS) Initiative. Additionally, I am a certified pianist with the Canadian Royal Conervatory of Music, a notoriously poor punster, and a world-leading mythic raid leader. Although born and raised in Emacs, I have since immigrated to Vim. I also dabble in skiing, literature, brass instruments, cinemetography, barbecuing, cartography, and Classical Studies.