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The following SNO Technical Reports (STRs) were written during the construction and operation of SNO. As the information contained in these STRs may be of interest to others we have made these reports available. Use of any of this information should be acknowledged. The reader should note, though, that these reports have not been refereed and may be out of date or contain errors.

Year                  Categories
- Acrylic Vessel
- Calibration
- Concentrators
- Construction
- Data Acquisition
- Electronics
- Management
- Neutral Current Detectors
- Photo-Multiplier Tubes
- Phototube Support
- Radioactivity
- Simulations
- Software
- Water

AV SNO-STR-90-001 Report on Staging
E.D. Earle, Jan 1

Rad SNO-STR-90-002 High energy gamma rays from 27Al(alpha, p gamma) reaction
K.T. Lesko, E. Norman, B. Sur, Jan 9

Rad SNO-STR-90-003 Neutrons activation measurement using a Compton-suppressed Ge-detector
E.T.H. Clifford, H. Less and J.R. Leslie, Jan 9

AV SNO-STR-90-004 Collection of notes on acrylic radioactivity
E.D. Earle et al, Jan 9

AV SNO-STR-90-005 Alpha spectrometric measurements of Th and U in acrylic
G. Milton, Jan 9

AV SNO-STR-90-006 Low activity concrete preparation of Th and U in acrylic
G. Milton, Jan 9

Rad SNO-STR-90-007 Advantages of weight splitting in deep penetration gamma-ray Calculations
E.T.H Clifford, Jan 9

Rad SNO-STR-90-008 Background from the walls and floors of the SNO cavity
E.T.H. Clifford, Jan 9

Rad SNO-STR-90-009 Natural radioactive contamination in various materials
J. Barton, Jan 9

AV SNO-STR-90-012 Mechanical Properties work package
P. Doe, Jan 9

Con SNO-STR-90-013 Omega-type coating on aluminum foil
C. Waltham and A. Poon , Jan 8

Con SNO-STR-90-014 Reflexions on reflections
C. Waltham, Jan 9

AV SNO-STR-90-018 Laser fluorescence of acrylic
E. T. H. Clifford, Jan 9

Wat SNO-STR-90-019 Report on activities -- W.E.T. lab
M.Q. Liu, H .Lee, and A. McDonald, Jan 9

AV SNO-STR-90-023 Minutes of discussion on acrylic vessel
G. Buehler, Jan 11

AV SNO-STR-90-025 minutes if acrylic radioactivity group
ETH Clifford, Jan 17

Sim SNO-STR-90-027 Summary of Monte Carlo Calculations presented at LANL
P. Skensved and B. Robertson, Feb 28

Sim SNO-STR-90-028 Miscellaneous effects
P. Skensved and B. Robertson, Feb 28

Elec SNO-STR-90-036 Accidental trigger rates
W. Frati, March 30

Sim SNO-STR-90-040 Should we examine an alternate design for SNO?
Simpson, Jagam, Law, April 1990

PMT SNO-STR-90-041 PMT tests- recent results
R. Boardman, April 5

PMT SNO-STR-90-042 PMT tests-requirements and standardization
R. Boardman, April 5

Con SNO-STR-90-043 Monte Carlo simulations of decaying concentrators
M. Moorhead, April 6

AV SNO-STR-90-047 Alpha spectrometric report
G. Milton, April

Rad SNO-STR-90-048 Radioactivity of aluminum
Simpson and Jagam, April 9

PSUP SNO-STR-90-049 Space requirement for PMT support
K. Lesko, April 9

Sim SNO-STR-90-050 Simultaneous NC, ES, and CC detection using salt-filled bladder
R. Schubank, April 10

Con SNO-STR-90-051 Monte Carlo simulations of polygonal concentrators
G. Ouellette, April 13

Rad SNO-STR-90-052 Low-activity concrete preparation and testing
E. D. Hallman and D. Cluff, April 15

PMT SNO-STR-90-054 Reading printed bar charts
J. D. Hepburn, April 16

AV SNO-STR-90-055 Evidence for a heterogeneous distribution of thorium in acrylic
ETH Clifford, H Lee, W Edwards, April 17

AV SNO-STR-90-057 Acrylic radioactivity mass spectrometry results
E.D. Earle et al, April 18

Wat SNO-STR-90-060 Leaching of glass by ultrapure water
P. Trent, April

Rad SNO-STR-90-061 LBL Radioactive survey results to date
A. Smith et al, April 20

AV SNO-STR-90-063 Acrylic radioactivity report summary
E.D. Earle, April 18

AV SNO-STR-90-064 Report on INAA of acrylic
J. Simpson and P. Jagam, April 27

Rad SNO-STR-90-066 Specification document for cavity sheilding
P. Skensved et al, May 4

PSUP SNO-STR-90-068 PMT support structure activities at LBL
K. Lesko, May 5

Rad SNO-STR-90-069 Table of primordial radioactivity levels in a variety of materials
J. Simpson and P. Jagam, May 7

Rad SNO-STR-90-070 Chemical processing of acrylic samples for U and Th
M. Fowler and J. Wilhelmy, May

Rad SNO-STR-90-071 Lasers in atomic spectroscopy
B. Knox, May 7

Rad SNO-STR-90-072 Probable 235U contamination of samples at McMaster reactor
J. Simpson and P. Jagam, May 18

AV SNO-STR-90-074 CRNL Report on acrylic radioactivity
E.D. Earle, June 7

Rad SNO-STR-90-075 Radon emanation from stainless steel
M.Q.Liu H. Lee, I Fallas and A. McDonald, June 17

Rad SNO-STR-90-076 Concrete, Sulfurcrete, sheilding research
D. Hallman, June 20

Soft SNO-STR-90-079 Communication modes during the SNO software development
G. Buehler, June 27

Soft SNO-STR-90-080 Identifying task for the data analysis software package
G. Buehler, June 27

Wat SNO-STR-90-081 Report on Water R and D
D. Sinclair, July 3

PMT SNO-STR-90-082 Magnetic field compensation
H. Lee, HB Mak, and H Evans

AV SNO-STR-90-087 Scattering of light in crazed acrylic
S. Johnson, J. Bibb, and P. Doe, July 25

Soft SNO-STR-90-089 Data normalization in database
G. Buehler

AV SNO-STR-90-090 PMT implosions and the acylic vessel
P. Doe, July 31

NCD SNO-STR-90-091 Measurements of helium permeation through glasses and plastic
T. Stephenson, Aug 23

NCD SNO-STR-90-092 Neutral current detection in diluted heavy water
J. Wilhelmy, Aug 23

NCD SNO-STR-90-095 Neutral Current detection development progress
M. Fowler, S. Larson, and J. Wilhelmy, Sept

AV SNO-STR-90-096 Acrylic Vessel - NC interfaces
P. Doe, Sept.

AV SNO-STR-90-097 Th and U measurements in acrylic
M. Fowler and J. Wilhelmy, Sept.

PMT SNO-STR-90-098 Permeation of helium through Schott 8246 glass
H. Robertson, Sept.

NCD SNO-STR-90-099 Beads - an option for NC detection in SNO
H. Robertson, Sept.

PMT SNO-STR-90-101 Magnetic Field measurements at Creighton mine
D. Hallamn and D. Cluff, Sept.

Rad SNO-STR-90-102 Detailed cavity background evaluation
P. Skensved et al, Sept 7

NCD SNO-STR-90-104 Solar neutrino neutral current detection methods
CK Hargrove and DJ Paterson, Sept 13

NCD SNO-STR-90-105 Design of solid-scintillator based neutral current detector
CK Hargrove, D Kessler, and DJ Patterson

Soft SNO-STR-90-106 comments on reconstruction programs
W. Frati, Sept 8

Sim SNO-STR-90-107 Initial studies of GEANT and comparisons with EGS
W. Frati, Sept 8

AV SNO-STR-90-109 Design criteria document for acrylic vessel
P. Cumyn, Aug 28

AV SNO-STR-90-110 Acrylic vessel activities
P. Doe, August

Rad SNO-STR-90-111 Alpha particle induced high-energy gamma rays from light elements
R. Heaton, H. Lee, and BC Roberston

PSUP SNO-STR-90-112 PMT support design criteria
K. Lesko, Y. Kajiyama, S. Lundgren, and P. Purgalis, Sept 10

Rad SNO-STR-90-113 Status report - boronated concrete and sulphurcrete
ED Hallan and DL Cluff, Sept 6

NCD SNO-STR-90-115 NaCl tubes and other options
D. Earle, Sept 11

AV SNO-STR-90-118 Preliminary cavern assembly procedure
P. Cumyn, Sept. 10

Elec SNO-STR-90-120 Grounding and shielding of SNO electornics
H. Evans, Aug 19

AV SNO-STR-90-122 Status of acrylic R and D
P. Doe, Sept 5

Rad SNO-STR-90-123 concrete, sulfurcrete, shielding research
ED Hallman, Sept 5

AV SNO-STR-90-124 Calculated buckling loads for the SNO vessel
T. Butler, Sept 7

Rad SNO-STR-90-125 Radioactivities of internal components of candidate PMTs
A. Smith and D. Hurley, Sept. 10

Rad SNO-STR-90-126 Measurement of Th in NaCl
EB Norman, B Sur, K Lesko, and K Wedding Sept

PMT SNO-STR-90-128 Measurements of the relative PMT anode efficiency
HB Mak, Sept

Rad SNO-STR-90-129 Radon and dust measurements
ED Hallman and DL Duff, Sept

Rad SNO-STR-90-130 Limits on 220 Rn emmission from stainless steel
D Wark, A Ferraris, and B Knox, Sept 11

Wat SNO-STR-90-134 Some technical aspects of the SNO bladders
R. Schubank, Sept 11

Con SNO-STR-90-141 The Split-Detector proposal
Guelph group, Oct

Rad SNO-STR-90-142 Plastic coatings for radon suppression
R. Schubank, Oct 25

AV SNO-STR-90-145 acrylic vessel activities
P. Doe, Nov 1

AV SNO-STR-90-148 LANL acrylic report
J. Wilhelmy and M Fowler, Nov 1

AV SNO-STR-90-149 CRL monthly report on acrylic radioactivity
E. Bonvin et al, Nov 1

Sim SNO-STR-90-153 Study of systematics in extracting the CC, NC and ES signals
W. Frati, Oct 26

Rad SNO-STR-90-155 Concrete, sulfurcrete and shielding research
E D Hallman , Nov 5

AV SNO-STR-90-161 Acrylic R and D, Nov
P. Doe, Nov 30

AV SNO-STR-90-163 CRL acrylic radioactivity
ED Earle, Nov 30

Wat SNO-STR-90-166 Leaching, cleaning and water specifications
D. Sinclair, Dec 3

Const SNO-STR-90-167 Magnetic field measurements near steel structures
ED Hallman and DL Cluff, Dec 13

AV SNO-STR-91-003 Acrylic bond joints
P. Doe and J. Wouters (acrylic vessel) draft version, not refereed

Cal SNO-STR-91-005 Cancellation of the Earth's Magnetic Field
H. Lee, H.-B. Mak and H.C. Evans Feb. 13 (facilities, 12 coil configuration, specifications, power supplies) comments received, edited, approved by Robertson

Sim SNO-STR-91-006 Extraction of data in SNO for various MSW Scenarios
P. Skensved and B.C. Robertson Feb. 13 (simulations, three delta m-square sin square theta scenarios and vacuum oscillations, response to internal and external background, nu-x to nu-e flux, acrylic neutron background) final version, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-007 Backgrounds estimates for the PMT region
P. Skensved and B.C. Robertson Feb. 13 (simulations, support frame and PMT properties, glass and aluminum reflectors) final version, not refereed

AV SNO-STR-91-008 Correlation between trace element concentrations and Th levels in Polycast materials
E. Bonvin Feb. 18 (radioactivity, twenty trace elements, core and surface acrylic, monomer) final version, not refereed

Rad SNO-STR-91-009 Establishing a cleanliness program and specifications for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
E.D. Hallman Feb. 18 (facilities, dust levels, estimate of cavity air cleanliness, recommendations, further research) draft for comments, not refereed

AV SNO-STR-91-010 CRL acrylic radioactivity work (Sept. 1990 - Jan 1991)
E.D. Earle et al Feb. 18 (radioactivity, alpha spectroscopy, TIMS, NAA, draft acrylic vessel quality control) final version, not refereed

Const SNO-STR-91-011 Bladder with dissolved substances for NC
R.B. Schubank Feb. 19 (bladder, table of possible bladder material properties, Mark II test chamber, calibration, water treatment, proof of principle, manpower) final version, not refereed

PMT SNO-STR-91-012 PMT report
H.-B. Mak Feb. 19 (PMTs, internal component radioactivity, waterproof base design, injection molding, plastic capacitors, surface mount resistors, base assembly schedule, data acquisition and display in testing) final version, not refereed

Rad SNO-STR-91-015 Gamma spectrometric analyses of materials
A. Smith and D. Hurley Feb. 20 (radioactivity, cables, aluminum, polishing agents, glass making items, epoxy/fiberglass, various plastics) final version, not refereed

AV SNO-STR-91-016 Status of the acrylic vessel program
P. Doe Feb. 20 (acrylic vessel, suspension systems, bond strength tests, creep tests, preliminary design, sloshing analysis, acrylic supplier, vessel fabricator, installation, vessel acceptance, design plan schedule) final version, not refereed

Cal SNO-STR-91-017 Calibration - aims and implementation
J.R. Leslie Feb. 20 (calibration, calibration aims, optical sensitivity, neutron capture sources, direct alpha capture sources, optical pulser, work in progress, deck and clean room design, access to light water region) draft for comments, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-019 Extraction of CC NC and ES signals -- II Acrylic radioactivity, Three Parameter Maximum Likelihood Analysis
W. Frati and E. Beier Feb 13 (simulations, maximum likelihood method, radial distributions, NPMT distributions, cos distributions, systematic studies, ten times acrylic radioactivity) preliminary draft

Rad SNO-STR-91-020 Cavity Construction Quality Control (backgrounds)
P. Skensved, H. Lee and B.C. Robertson March 21 (facilities, waist shield, surface contamination, steel liner, deck, glove box) draft, sent out for comments

Sim SNO-STR-91-021 Accidental trigger rates - II Liquid Scintillator
W. Frati March 3 (simulations, tritium decay, liquid scintillator) final version, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-022 Wavelength shifter or liquid scintillator in SNO: first pass
D. Wark March (neutral current, wavelength shifters, tritium accidental triggers, reconstruction of events, neutron losses, chemistry, cost) draft version, sent out for comments

PMT SNO-STR-91-023 Photon emission from R1408 PMT
P.J. Harvey and H.B. Mak May 24 (PMTs, Th and U in glass producing Cerenkov light) final version, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-024 Comparison of Input Parameters used for photon transport in the UCI and Queens Monte Carlos and the output of their algorithms
W. Frati, M. Lowry and P. Skensved May 23 (Monte carlo, comparison of three codes) Final version, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-025 Extraction of CC NC and ES signals - III Multiyear three parameter maximum likelihood analysis
W. Frati and E. Beier June 1 (Monte Carlo, year 1, 2 and 3, acrylic with x10, x100 White book value) final version, not refereed

NCD SNO-STR-91-026 Neutral Current detection on SNO - A position paper
R.G.H. Robertson June 6 (neutral current, signal and background, engineering compexity, coexistence with other stategies, recommendations)

Sim SNO-STR-91-027 Data Extraction with 3He detectors
P. Skensved and B.C. Robertson June 19

Sim SNO-STR-91-028 Light water data extraction
P. Skensved and B. Robertson June final version, not refereed

PMT SNO-STR-91-029 The effects of magnetic field on 20cm Hamamatsu R1408 PMT
R. MacLeod, S. Piechocinski and H.B. Mak June 6 (PMTs, four PMTs) final version, not refereed

Rad SNO-STR-91-031 Interim internal background studies
P. Skensved and B.C. Robertson June 19 (shielding, background)

Cal SNO-STR-91-033 Calibration Sources of Cerenkov Radiation
R.J. Boardman, M.D. Lay, N.W. Tanner, D.L. Wark April 21, 1991

PMT SNO-STR-91-036 Evaluation of the optical tranmission of Schott glass
E. Bonvin, E.D. Earle and A. Plagemann June 6

NCD SNO-STR-91-037 Discrete NaCl Neutron Detectors in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
C.K. Hargrove, CRPP, D. Kessler, D. Paterson June, 1991

Rad SNO-STR-91-039 Measurements of Th, U and K Concentrations in a Variety of Materials
P. Jagam and J.J. Simpson June, 1991

PMT SNO-STR-91-041 PMT Response Cutoff
D. Branch, L. McGarry, C.E. Waltham June 14, 1991

AV SNO-STR-91-042 Division of the Acrylic Vessel
L. McGarry, D, Branch, A. Poon, C.E. Waltham June 14, 1991

AV SNO-STR-91-043 Preliminary Tests of Double-Coated Acrylic
C.E. Waltham, D. Branch, L. McGarry June 14, 1991

Rad SNO-STR-91-044 Gamma ray spectrometric analysis using NaI(Tl)
A.R. Smith, D.L. Hurley June 15, 1991

Rad SNO-STR-91-045 Gamma ray spectrometric analysis using Ge detector
A.R. Smith, D.L. Hurley June 15, 1991

AV SNO-STR-91-046 Impact of the Acrylic Vessel on the Light Collection
E. Bonvin June 17, 1991

Sim SNO-STR-91-047 Producing Cerenkov Photons from Low Energy Electrons with EGS4
M.D. Lay, D.L. Wark, R.J. Boardman June 18, 1991

Wat SNO-STR-91-048 Ultrafiltration Technology and Applications to SNO
A.B. Knox, E.W. Hooper, N.W. Tanner, M. Omori, R.A. Black June, 1991

AV SNO-STR-91-049 Status of the Acrylic R&D Program
P.Doe, E.D. Earle June 21, 1991

AV SNO-STR-91-050 Status of the Engineering of the Acrylic Vessel
P.B. Cumyn June 19, 1991

Const SNO-STR-91-052 Magnetism of Stainless steel plates (U)
I. Stairs, D. Prodanos and H. Lee July 24 (magnetic, welding, magnetic field) final version, not refereed

Wat SNO-STR-91-053 Degassing the initial fill (U)
H. Lee and I. Stairs July 25 (water, radon ) final version, not refereed

Wat SNO-STR-91-054 Using Molecular sieve (U)
H. Lee and A. McDonald July 18 (water, radioactivity of sieve, radon emanation) final version, not refereed

Rad SNO-STR-91-055 Some elementary considerations about cover gas
B. Sur Aug. 9 (water, radon level) final version, not refereed

Sim SNO-STR-91-056 Monte Carlo study of random PMT misalignment (U)
M.M. Lowry Aug. 9 (simulation, alignment distributions) draft version

PMT SNO-STR-91-057 Quality inspection results for Schott 8246 glass bulbs produced under LANL subcontract 9-LF1-J5203-1 (R)
R.G.H. Robertson July 30 (PMT, uranium and thorium and potassium levels, verification results) final version, not refereed

AV SNO-STR-91-058 Creep of aged rope (U)
J. Bibb and P. Doe Sept. 3 (acrylic vessel, rope) final version, not refereed

AV SNO-STR-91-059 Locked in stress in bonded acrylic joints (U)
P. Doe Sept (acrylic vessel) final version, not refereed

AV SNO-STR-91-060 Effect of surface finish on bond strength (U)
J. Wouters and P. Doe Sept. (acrylic vessel) final version, not refereed

PMT SNO-STR-91-061 Report on magnetic field compensation coils calculations (U)
H. Lee, R. Komar, S. Piechocinski and H.-B. Mak Sept. 17 (magnetic, PMT sensitivity, current specifications) final version, not refereed

Wat SNO-STR-91-062 The measurement of the attenuation of light by water in SNO A robust method using a horizontal optical path
S. Noel and H. Mes Oct. 2, 1991

PMT SNO-STR-91-063 Determination of the photomultiplier area of the Hamamatsu
R1408 photomultiplier R. Boardman Oct. 30

Wat SNO-STR-91-064 Radon content in the Carleton ultrapure water (U)
X. Zhu, B. Sur, H. Lee and A.B. McDonald Oct. 31

Con SNO-STR-91-065 Leaching measurement on Omega reflector (U)
X. Zhu, B. Sur, H. Lee and A.B. McDonald Oct. 31

Rad SNO-STR-91-066 Delivering Clean components to the Cavity
R.G. Stokstad, edit Nov. 12 (cleanliness, acrylic, PMT, concentrators, PSUP, assembly facility, material transport, interaction with suppliers)

Rad SNO-STR-91-067 Specifications of room finishes
E.D. Hallman and R. Stokstad Nov. 14

Rad SNO-STR-91-068 Emanation of radon from solid samples
J. Bigu, E.D. Hallman and L. Kendrick Nov. 28

Rad SNO-STR-91-069 Permeability of different materials to radon (222Rn)
gas J. Bigu, E.D. Hallman and L. Kendrick Nov. 28

AV SNO-STR-91-070 Feasibility of Whole-Body Radioassay of SNO Acrylic Panels (U)
P. Doe, M. M. Fowler, A. Hallin, R. G. H. Robertson and J. B. Wilhelmy Oct. 18, 1991

NCD SNO-STR-91-071 Electrorefining of Copper
R.G.H. Robertson Nov. 23, 1991

Sim SNO-STR-91-073 Monte Carlo (U)
P. Skensved Dec. 5

AV SNO-STR-91-074 Acrylic vessel- NC Interfaces, an Update (U)
P. Doe et al Dec. 6

Rad SNO-STR-91-076 Radioactivity in Rope
P. Jagam, J.-X. Wang and J.J. Simpson Nov. 30

Soft SNO-STR-91-077 It's alive - the birth of SNOMAN
M.D. Lay, D.L. Wark and N. West Dec. 4

Cal SNO-STR-91-078 Measurements of Li foil in the test proportional counter
C. Hargrove and D Kessler Dec. 6

Const SNO-STR-91-079 Requirements for working underground at Creighton Mine
H.C. Evans Dec. 6

Wat SNO-STR-91-083 Summary Report in Radon Emanation
M.-Q. Liu, H. Lee, X. Zhu, B. Sur, A. McDonald, J.-X. Wang, P. Jagam and J. Simpson Dec. 31

Sim SNO-STR-92-002 Rope Background Implications
P. Skensved, B.C. Robertson and B. Frati Jan. 24 (Monte Carlo, rope background)

Con SNO-STR-92-004 Biocidal wash of interior of acrylic vessel
C. Waltham, S. Gill and L. McGarry Jan 30. (cleanliness, acrylic vessel)

Rad SNO-STR-92-005 Radon Measurements Jan 1992 6800 ft level
E.D. Hallman, D.L. Cluff and D. Cloutier Feb. 24 (radon, compressed air, drill hole, rock and concrete)

Rad SNO-STR-92-006 Leaching: situation report Dec. 6, 1991
P. Trent Feb (leaching, thoriated glass)

PMT SNO-STR-92-009 Magnetic field measurements at the SNO Site - 6800 ft level, Creighton Mine
D. Cluff and E.D. Hallman Jan. 28 (magnetic fields)

Con SNO-STR-92-010 Second thoughts on biocidal washing
C. Waltham, S. Gil and L. McGarry Feb. 29 (biology)

Wat SNO-STR-92-011 Removal of 226Ra from NaCl solution
M. Omori, R. Black, E.W. Hooper, A.B. Knox and P. Trent Mar. (radioactivity, MnO2, HTiO, Sb2O5)

Rad SNO-STR-92-012 Some preliminary considerations about cover gas
S. Gil, C. Waltham and L. McGarry Revised May 14 (cover gas, biology, sources of clean gas)

AV SNO-STR-92-013 Stress in acrylic due to water absorption/desorption
P. Doe March 10 (acrylic vessel)

AV SNO-STR-92-014 Optical properties of slush cast acrylic
B.C. Robertson March 10

Wat SNO-STR-92-015 Options for the makeup water
H. Lee, B. Sur, X. Zhu and A.B. McDonald March 17 (water system, makeup holding tank)

Wat SNO-STR-92-016 Estimates of emanated radon load
H. Lee, B. Sur, M.Q. Liu, X. Zhu and A.B. McDonald March 29 (radioactivity, water system, radon)

Rad SNO-STR-92-017 Radon control options for the liner
B. Sur, H. Lee and B.C. Robertson March 27 (liner, radon diffusion)

Rad SNO-STR-92-018 Emanation and permeability studies at the Elliot Lake Laboratory
J. Bigu and E.D. Hallman April (222Rn, emanation, Miradrain, Miradri)

Rad SNO-STR-92-023 Final cleanliness measures: a conceptual plan
R.G. Stokstad April 20 (cleanliness)

PMT SNO-STR-92-024 The impedance for water flow through the photomultiplier sphere
N.W. Tanner April 24 (water, PSUP)

Wat SNO-STR-92-025 Radium 226 entrapment by crown ethers (Feb 1991-Mar 92)
M. Shatkay and C. Shewchuck April 27 (water, crown ethers)

Rad SNO-STR-92-026 Measurement of mine dust deposited on sanded acrylic surfaces under bonding conditions at the 4600' laboratory
Y. Hui, E. Kong, T. da Cruz and R. Stokstad May 5

AV SNO-STR-92-027 Acrylic Bonding tests
E.D. Hallman, D. Cluff, D. Cloutier March 1992

Sim SNO-STR-92-028 Report on probability of detecting photons generated behind PMTs
L.H. Yao, P. Skensved and H.B. Mak April 20

Sim SNO-STR-92-029 Gd Neutral Current Detector (Draft)
C. Hargrove and D. Paterson April 10

NCD SNO-STR-92-030 Calibration and neutral-current detectors
P. Doe, R.G.H. Robertson and J. Wilhelmy Feb 21

Cal SNO-STR-92-031 Current status of 90Sr Cerenkov calibration sources for SNO
R. Boardman May 7

Cal SNO-STR-92-032 Neutron free gamma ray calibration sources
W. Frati, H. Leslie, B. Robertson, H. Robertson and J. Wilhelmy May 11

AV SNO-STR-92-036 Rope Properties
J.-X. Wang, P. Jagam, J.J. Simpson May 14

Rad SNO-STR-92-037 Radon Emanation from materials
J. Bigu and D. Hallman May 15

Cal SNO-STR-92-039 Calibration and the D2O cover gas
H. Lee, B. Sur, X. Xhu and A. McDonald May 25

Wat SNO-STR-92-040 D2O radon considerations
H. Lee, B. Sur, X. Xhu and A. McDonald May 25

AV SNO-STR-92-041 Comparison of D2O and H2O absorption by acrylic
P. Doe May 29

AV SNO-STR-92-042 Investigation of stress associated with cycling acrylic in H2O, D2O and brine
P. Doe June 3

Wat SNO-STR-92-044 An initial investigation of the absorption of thorium from 10% salt solution
A.B. Knox June 15

AV SNO-STR-92-045 Investigation of partial annealing of acrylic bonds joints
P. Doe June 22

Wat SNO-STR-92-046 The removal of 234Th from NaCl solution
S. Lilley and M. Omori June 23

Rad SNO-STR-92-047 Establishing clean room conditions in the laboratory
R.G. Stokstad, E.D. Hallman and L. Moriarty July 8

Rad SNO-STR-92-048 Measuring mine dust on surfaces
R.G. Stokstad July 8

Rad SNO-STR-92-049 Contamination control study on mine dust
E. Kong July 8

Wat SNO-STR-92-050 Salination and desalination of D2O in the SNO detector
N. Tanner June 29

Rad SNO-STR-92-051 The permanent entry
R.G. Stokstad et al July 8

Rad SNO-STR-92-052 Procedures for car wash
R.G. Stokstad et al July 8

NCD SNO-STR-92-053 Forces associated with the deployment, operation and failure of the neutral current detectors
P. Doe July 20

AV SNO-STR-92-054 Investigation of sanded acrylic surfaces by optical microscopy
R. Stokstad and E. Kong July 23

Con SNO-STR-92-055 Tensile Creep testing of ABS plastic (Final Report)
H. Leung June 5

Wat SNO-STR-92-056 Memo on the use of polypropylene piping material in the SNO heavy water system
B. Sur July 16

Rad SNO-STR-92-057 Cover gas design Criteria
C.E. Waltham, S. Gil, B. Sur, H. Lee and B.C. Robertson Aug. 14 Draft

Sim SNO-STR-92-058 New Monte Carlo calculations for neutron detection in SNO
J.B. Wilhelmy July 7

AV SNO-STR-92-059 Thermal ionization mass spectroscopy analysis for the SNO project
N. Elliot Aug 14

AV SNO-STR-92-061 Measurements of Th and U in acrylic for SNO (R)
E.D. Earle and E. Bonvin Aug. 14

Con SNO-STR-92-063 First production run of dielectric-coated aluminium sheets for PMT light concentrators
C. Waltham and S. Gil Sept. 1

Rad SNO-STR-92-064 Radon emanation from shotcrete
J. Bigu and E.D. Hallman Sept. 10

Cal SNO-STR-92-065 Background gamma-rays from calibration source stored above the detector
I. Stairs, P. Skensved and B. Robertson Sept. 16

Sim SNO-STR-92-066 Beta-gamma backgrounds from 212Bi, 228Ac and 234Pa in the heavy water and acrylic
I. Stairs, P. Skensved and B. Robertson Sept. 16

Rad SNO-STR-92-069 Radioactivities of silicon carbide abrasives
A.R. Smith and D. Hurley Sept. 28

Sim SNO-STR-92-070 Tracking muons with EGS4
P. Skensved Oct. 2

Cal SNO-STR-92-072 Neutron production in SNO due to calibration techniques
J.R. Leslie Oct. 2

Rad SNO-STR-92-073 TOC and ICP tests of Urylon
C. Waltham Sept. 30

Rad SNO-STR-92-074 Measurements of Th/Fe ratios in rocks collected in and around the SNO detector site
E.B. Norman and M.T.F. Da Cruz Oct. 1992

Sim SNO-STR-92-075 20-200 MeV neutrinos in SNO and the MSW adiabatic region
P. Zenczykowski and J. Law Oct. 2

Con SNO-STR-92-077 Reflectivity tests of aged ambrite from first OCLI production run
L. McGarry, S. Gil and C. Waltham Oct. 1

Rad SNO-STR-92-078 Thorium and iron content of mine dust
R. Stokstad Oct. 2 Preliminary

Rad SNO-STR-92-079 Implementing the cleanliness program
R. Stokstad Sept. 28

Rad SNO-STR-92-080 Background and rope sample test update, Low level gamma ray spectrometer
E. D. Hallman, P. Jagam and D. Cloutier Oct. 1

AV SNO-STR-92-081 Physics impact of the acrylic vessel thickness
E. Bonvin and B. Robertson Sept. 3

Rad SNO-STR-92-082 Radon considerations for the new liner
B. Sur, H. Lee, D. Sinclair and B. Robertson Oct.

Rad SNO-STR-92-083 Efficiencies of removing dust on acrylic plastic surfaces by non-agitated deionizer water
E. Kong Oct. 23

NCD SNO-STR-92-085 A low-background test facility in the Morton Salt mine
P. Thornewell and H. Robertson Nov. 6

AV SNO-STR-92-086 Maintenance of clean conditions during the installation of the acrylic vessel - preliminary plan (U)
P. Doe Nov. 9

Const SNO-STR-92-087 PVC Conduits for cable penetrations
C. Waltham Nov. 12

Wat SNO-STR-92-088 Proposed procedure for salt purification
M. Moorhead and N. Tanner Oct. 12

Wat SNO-STR-92-089 Seeded tangential filtration progress and prognosis
S. Lilley, M. Moorhead and N. Tanner Sept.

Wat SNO-STR-92-090 Seeded ultrafiltration for Th chain assay in the D2O
P. Trent, M. Moorhead, E. Hooper, R. Black, N. Tanner, B. Knox, M. Omori and S. Lilley Nov. 13

Const SNO-STR-92-091 Permeability properties of Urylon 453-85RH and polypropylene
J. Bigu Nov. 12

Wat SNO-STR-92-092 General concepts for monitoring lead 212 in the SNO experiment
M. Shatkay et al Sept.

Wat SNO-STR-92-093 The separation of lead on reverse osmosis and nano filtration membranes
M. Shatkay, C. Shewchuk, D. Sinclair, J. Hazlett, A. Tweedle and C. Striez Nov.

Cal SNO-STR-92-094 Calibration and neutral-current detectors
P. Doe, R.G.H. Robertson and J. Wilhelmy Nov. 24

Sim SNO-STR-92-096 Backgrounds from the deck region
P. Skensved and B. Robertson Dec. 8

Const SNO-STR-92-097 Estimates of gas leakage through the deck
C. Waltham and B.C. Robertson Dec. 31

Rad SNO-STR-93-001 Radon emanation from Urylon 201-15FR
H. Lee Jan. 5

Con SNO-STR-93-002 Report on aging of DCA samples from OCLI's August production run
L. McGarry Jan. 7 (revised Feb. 10)

NCD SNO-STR-93-003 Leaching of nickel in seawater and in ultrapure water
E.B. Norman and R.M. Larimer Jan 12

Const SNO-STR-93-004 Cable penetrations
C. Waltham and L. McGarry Feb. 16

Sim SNO-STR-93-006 The use of chloral hydrate as a neutral current additive in the SNO experiment
M. Shatkay, C. Shewchuk, M. O'Neil and P. Wolf March 10

Cal SNO-STR-93-008 Blocking the betas in the 16N source
W. Frati March 24

Wat SNO-STR-93-009 Light scattering and absorption due to bacterial activity in water
C. Waltham, J. Boyle, B. Ramey and J. Smit March 24

Const SNO-STR-93-010 (Urylon final tests)
Hallman et al

Rad SNO-STR-93-012 Summary of radon emanation measurements on Urylon
H. Lee April 15

Sim SNO-STR-93-013 Enhancement of the photomultiplier detection of Cherenkov light from water using a fluorescent dye in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) detector
M. Moorhead, E. Bonvin, N. Tanner, D. Wark March

Cal SNO-STR-93-014 Calibration source deployment inside the acrylic vessel
P. Doe, R.G.H. Robertson and J. Wilkerson March 18

Cal SNO-STR-93-015 Neutral current detector response and calibration
J.B. Wilkerson April 5

Const SNO-STR-93-016 Permability properties of Urylon-453 to 222Rn
J. Bigu, E.D. Hallman and P. Patrakka April 1993 (MRL 93-033(TR)

Man SNO-STR-93-017 The Merlin II detector: Initial operation at Oroville
A.R. Smith, D. Hurley and E.B. Norman April 27

Rad SNO-STR-93-018 A final evaluation of dust's remains on dust cover surface
E. Kong May, 1993

AV SNO-STR-93-021 Ultra trace analysis of acrylic for 232Th and 238U daughters
G. Milton, S. Kramer, R. Deal and E.D. Earle May (submitted to Appl Rad. Isotop.)

Wat SNO-STR-93-022 Leakage in the 60 Tonne D2O Tanks
H.W. Lee and B.C. Robertson May 6

Sim SNO-STR-93-023 Fast neutrons from muon spallation in the SNO detector
T.J. Radcliffe May, 1993

Rad SNO-STR-93-027 Summary of radon Urethane O-ring measurements
A. Yalin, V.S. Uras, H.W. Lee and A.B. McDonald June 9, 1993

AV SNO-STR-93-029 Crazing of stressed acrylic induced by radiacwash and boric acid
S. Walston July 14

Cal SNO-STR-93-031 A preliminary proposal for using a gas-capillary transport system for SNO calibration sources
B. Sur, E.D. Earle, E. Bonvin, R. Deal and E. Gaudet

NCD SNO-STR-93-032 A Gd proportional counter system for use as a neutral current detector in SNO
C.K. Hargrove, I. Blevis, D. Paterson and E.D. Earle Draft

Wat SNO-STR-93-033 Heavy water monitoring technique for the 232Th chain contaminant: 212Pb precipitation and alpha counting
G. Laberge, D. Sinclair, M. Shatkay and C. Shewchuk July 12

Wat SNO-STR-93-036 Determination of the uranium level in CRPP water with MnO2 coated acrylic beads
A.P. Yalin, V.S. Uras, H.W. Lee and A.B. McDonald June 19

Rad SNO-STR-93-037 Summary of radon measurements on the mine box at 6800 feet
A.P. Yalin, D. Cluff, D. Hallman, V.S. Uras, H.W. Lee and A.B. McDonald July 21

Wat SNO-STR-93-038 Summary of July measurements on CRPP water with MNO2 beads
A.P. Yalin, V.S. Uras, H.W. Lee and A.B. McDonald Aug. 13

PMT SNO-STR-93-040 Summary of radon measurements on Belden YR29304 clear cable
A.P. Yalin, V.S. Uras, H.W. Lee and A.B. McDonald Aug. 13

Cal SNO-STR-93-041 16N: a calibration source for SNO (U)
B. Sur, E.D. Earle, E. Gaudette and R. Deal Aug

AV SNO-STR-93-042 Polycast acrylic sheets
E.D. Earle, R. Deal and E. Gaudette Sept. 14

Sim SNO-STR-93-043 Neutron production from 24Na
P. Skensved and B. Robertson May 6

PMT SNO-STR-93-044 Low gain PMTs
P. Skensved, A. Hallin and H.B. Mak Sept. 22

Wat SNO-STR-93-049 SNO Cover gas An Alternative design concept
D. Sinclair and K. McFarlane Sept. 27

Const SNO-STR-93-051 Magnetic field measurements in the SNO cavity
E.D. Hallman Sept. 27

Rad SNO-STR-93-052 Permeability properties of Urylon-453 (3.26 mm) to 222Rn
J. Bigu, E.D. Hallman and P. Patrakka Sept. 30

NCD SNO-STR-93-054 Determination of Th and U in high purity Ni
G.G. Miller, J.A. Olivares and J.B. Wilhelmy Nov. 15

Rad SNO-STR-93-055 Radon measurements on Box II at 6800 feet
V. Uras, H.W. Lee, D. Cluff, D Hallman and A.B. McDonald Nov. 5

Rad SNO-STR-93-056 Radon and thoron interference in the determination of thorium and uranium in materials at sub-ng/g to a few ng/g level and potassium at a few ppm level by direct gamma-ray counting
P. Jagam, J.J. Simpson and E.D. Hallman Dec

Const SNO-STR-93-057 Flexible membrane and universal interface seals
H. Lee Nov. 12

Wat SNO-STR-93-058 HTiO: sorption and elution
W. Locke Dec. 3

Rad SNO-STR-93-059 Radon emanation from Black acrylic
V. Uras, H.W. Lee and A.B. McDonald Nov. 15

Sim SNO-STR-93-060 Chlorine carriers
P. Trent Dec. 4

Sim SNO-STR-93-061 The liquid scintillator beta-alpha method
R.K. Taplin and M.E. Moorhead Dec. 2

Wat SNO-STR-93-063 The measurement of 220Rn extraction efficiency for various pressures, flow rates and MnO2 Depths
G. Laberge and C. Hargrove Dec.

Wat SNO-STR-93-065 Polypropylene pipe and beads
H.W. Lee, E.D. Earle, J.X. Wang, B. Knox and K. McFarlane Dec. 17

Wat SNO-STR-94-001 Radium removal/monitoring in the SNO experiment using MnO2 XAD-7 resin
C. Shewchuk, M. Shatkay and D. Sinclair Jan. 7

Sim SNO-STR-94-002 Determination of background from beta-n coincidences
P. Skensved Jan. 14

Man SNO-STR-94-003 Communications and control of remote PC for gamma-ray spectrometry
P. Jagam and J. Law Jan. 26

Cal SNO-STR-94-004 Calibration and neutral-current detectors II
P.J. Doe, A. Hime, R.G.H. Robertson and J.B. Wilhelmy Feb. 5

Sim SNO-STR-94-005 Determination of uranium and thorium contamination in the D2O from the NPMT spectrum above 1.4 MeV
W. Frati Feb. 10

Cal SNO-STR-94-006 Calibration of the SNO PMTs through the NCD array (U)
S. Walston Feb 21

AV SNO-STR-94-008 Optical transmission of soaked acrylic
E.D. Earle, Gaudette and E. Bonvin March 30

AV SNO-STR-94-009 Physics considerations of rope radioactivity
J. Wouters March 31

AV SNO-STR-94-010 Optical and Th Measurements of RPT acrylic samples
E.D. Earle, R. Deal and E. Gaudette April 11

AV SNO-STR-94-012 Crazing of stress acrylic by magnesium chloride solutions
S. Waltson April 19

AV SNO-STR-94-014 NAA of rope filaments
E.D. Earle April 20

Rad SNO-STR-94-015 Radioactivities of rock samples from SNO cavity excavation
A.R. Smith

Rad SNO-STR-94-016 Radioactivities in Kevlar and vectran filaments: 1994 SNO samples
A.R. Smith and DL. Hurley April 19

Con SNO-STR-94-017 DCA Aging Tests
C. Waltham April 21

Sim SNO-STR-94-019 Pattern recognition for Event-type identification in the SNO detector
T.J. Radcliffe June 22

Sim SNO-STR-94-022 Flow patterns and spikes
B. Frati and C. Hargrove July 2

Rad SNO-STR-94-023 Direct counting of U, Th and K levels in candidate support-rope materials for SNO
J.G. Hykawy, D.L. Cluff and E.D. Hallman Sept. 7

Wat SNO-STR-94-024 Rn emanation results
V. Uras, P. Gerard, J. Tan, H.W. Lee and A.B. McDonald Sept.

Wat SNO-STR-94-025 An investigation of the SUF of radium using different membranes
G. White Aug. 2

Wat SNO-STR-94-026 The effect of EDTA on the absorption of 226Ra, 212Pb and 228Th by HTiO
A. Green Aug. 17

AV SNO-STR-94-027 Leaching of Kevlar
C. Waltham Sept. 12

Rad SNO-STR-94-028 Radon in the Acrylic vessel
H.W. Lee Sept. 30

Sim SNO-STR-94-031 Event Fitting
T. Anderson Sept. 23

Const SNO-STR-94-032 Sealant for Cable Penetrations
C. Waltham Sept. 26

Rad SNO-STR-94-033 The Atmosphere in the cavity during the fill period
C. Waltham Sept. 26

Wat SNO-STR-94-034 Radioactivities in magnesium chloride: SNO samples
A.R. Smith, D.L. Hurley and R.J. McDonald Sept. 25

Cal SNO-STR-94-037 17N: a tagged neutron source for SNO
E.B. Norman and B. Sur Sept.

Wat SNO-STR-94-038 Plate-out of 228Th, 224Ra and 212Pb onto PP, acrylic and Hastelloy in UPW and EDTA solutions
M. Shatkay and I. Blevis Sept

Wat SNO-STR-94-039 Th/Ra/Pb extraction onto MnO2 resin and the effect of EDTA
M. Chen and M. Shatkay Sept.

Wat SNO-STR-94-040 Design criteria for purification and assay of heavy water by seeded ultrafiltration
M. Moorhead, N. Tanner, P. Trent, W. Locke, B. Knox and R. Taplin Aug 12

Wat SNO-STR-94-041 Design description for the seeded ultrafiltration plant at Sudbury
M. Moorhead, N. Tanner, P. Trent, W. Locke, B. Knox, R. Taplin, R. Every and H. Heron Sept.

Wat SNO-STR-94-042 Completion of R and D for the seeded ultrafiltration system
N.W. Tanner, P.T. Trent, W.J. Locke, A.B. Knox and R.K. Taplin Sept.

Rad SNO-STR-94-043 Determination of radionuclide concentration in sample Kevlar rope
J.S. Hykawy and E.D. Hallman Sept. 19

Sim SNO-STR-94-044 Event identification from PMT hit patterns
I. Blevis Oct.

Wat SNO-STR-94-046 K leaching from MnO2 preparations
I. Blevis and M. Shatkay Oct.

Wat SNO-STR-94-048 Rn emanation from cleaned PP pipes
H.W. Lee, M. Shatkay, K. McFarlane, P. Gerard and J. Tan Oct. 21

Wat SNO-STR-94-049 Radon emanation into water
H.W. Lee, P. Gerard and J. Tan Oct. 21

Sim SNO-STR-94-050 Analytic calculation of the number of SNO PMT hits for monoenergetic electrons bourne at the centre of the SNO active volume
C.K. Hargrove and F. Dalnoki-Veress Oct. 28

NCD SNO-STR-94-051 Neutral current detection with PVDC
J.B. Wilhelmy Oct. 28

Con SNO-STR-94-052 Aging of dielectric-coated aluminum in deionized water
R. Newman July 18

NCD SNO-STR-94-053 Purification of 3He for use in SNO neutral current detectors
M.M. Fowler, J.B. Wilhelmy, J.L. Thompson, S. Maestas Nov. 17

Cal SNO-STR-94-054 Status of optically tagged neutron source development
M.M. Fowler, R. Gritzo and J.B. Wilhelmy Nov. 17

NCD SNO-STR-94-057 PVC rods: a neutral current alternative to Cl-salt
J.J. Simpson Dec. 14

Man SNO-STR-94-058 A TPC for low background 220Rn measurement
I. Blevis, C. Hargrove and D. Sinclair

Man SNO-STR-94-060 A Proportional Counter to Measure SNO Backgrounds
C. K. Hargrove, Ira Blevis and E. Bonvin

Man SNO-STR-95-001 Charge Current event topology
I. Blevis, F. Dalnoki-Veress, C. Hargrove January 3

Sim SNO-STR-95-002 Three methods for event-type identification in the SNO Detector
T. J. Radcliffe

Wat SNO-STR-95-003 Design description for the seeded ultrafiltration plant at Sudbury (version II)
W. Locke et al Jan 23

Wat SNO-STR-95-004 Th/Ra/Pb extraction onto Diakon-MnO2 resin and the effect of EDTA
M. Chen and M. Shatkay Oct. 94 - Dec. 94

Wat SNO-STR-95-005 Stripping of plated-out activities by various reagents - a preliminary report
M. Shatkay Jan

Sim SNO-STR-95-007 Optics and geometry in the SNO detector
T.J. Radcliffe Feb. 2

DAQ SNO-STR-95-008 Design of the SNO timing system
J. Klein Feb. 7

Sim SNO-STR-95-009 EGS4 artifacts in the production of Cerenkov radiation
M. Lay Mar 1

Elec SNO-STR-95-010 SNO pFEC system test results
J.R. Klein, D. McDonald, F. Newcomer, R. Van Berg and R.G. Van de Water

AV SNO-STR-95-011 Th concentration in various acrylic tubing
E.D. Earle Mar. 6

AV SNO-STR-95-012 Acrylic panel dimensions as measured by RPT
E.D. Earle Mar. 6

AV SNO-STR-95-014 Acrylic vessel cleanliness
E.D. Earle Mar. 6

AV SNO-STR-95-015 RPT bond test in ramp
E.D. Earle Mar. 6

NCD SNO-STR-95-016 Anode wire constraints for 3He proportional counting in SNO
J.M. Wouters and A. Hime Mar 14

Wat SNO-STR-95-018 Secondary concentration of lead and thorium and the SUF eluate using solvent-solvent extraction
H. Heron March 16

Wat SNO-STR-95-019 An investigation of SUF at the 100l scale
R. Taplin March 17

Wat SNO-STR-95-021 Monitoring of light and heavy water systems in SNO for parameters other than radioactivity
C. Shewchuk and M. Shatkay March 16

Rad SNO-STR-95-029 Th in Kevlar rope by NAA
D. Earle April 17

Cal SNO-STR-95-030 DT neutron source shielding
G.B. Wilkin March

Cal SNO-STR-95-031 Safety report for a nonmedical accelerator facility at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
B. Sur and E.D. Earle

Cal SNO-STR-95-032 Testing a neutron-activated NaI detector as a low energy calibration device for SNO
E.B. Norman, I. Zlimen and R.M. Larimer May 95

Const SNO-STR-95-033 Investigation of pressure differences in the SNO laboratory
J.R. Klein May 3

Con SNO-STR-95-035 Ageing of dielectric coated aluminum
R. Newman June 9

Rad SNO-STR-95-036 Radon measurements in the SNO laboratory
D. Hallman May 16

Sim SNO-STR-95-037 An overview of the feedforward neutral network technique and its application to SNO event classification
S. Brice June

Sim SNO-STR-95-039 Changes to EGS4 since version 1.0
M. Lay Aug 11

Sim SNO-STR-95-040 The elastic fitter
S. Brice

Man SNO-STR-95-041 Mini-SNO geometry
M.E. Moorhead, M.Isaac and K.T. Lesko

Sim SNO-STR-95-042 Grid fitter for reducing tails in spatial distributions
M.E. Moorhead

Rad SNO-STR-95-043 Radon on surface and underground at SNO site
V.M. Novikov Aug 10

Rad SNO-STR-95-044 Deposition rates of uranium and thorium by neutron activation analysis (For July 27 to Aug 27)
P. Jagam, J.J. Simpson and N. Tagg Sept. 26

Rad SNO-STR-95-045 Radon from Torlon plastic
H. Lee and J. Tan

Wat SNO-STR-95-049 Vibra Drier
B. Knox June 11

Rad SNO-STR-95-050 Deposition rates of U and Th by NAA of witness plates
P. Jagam and J.J. Simpson Nov. 10

Wat SNO-STR-95-051 A condition for the absence of convection in light and heavy water
S. Brice Nov. 18

Cal SNO-STR-95-052 SNO calibration source optimization
K. Murnaghan Aug. 28

Cal SNO-STR-95-053 Gas transport calibration system for SNO: a preliminary design document
B. Sur and E.D. Earle

Cal SNO-STR-95-054 8Li: A beta calibration source for SNO
B. Sur, E.D. Earle, R. Deal and E. Gaudette

AV SNO-STR-95-055 NAA acrylic contamination test in the cavity
B. Sur, E.D. Earle, E. Gaudette, R. Deal and G. Jonkmans Oct. 17

Man SNO-STR-95-056 Li-6 neutron poison for SNO
M.E. Moorhead, Y.D. Chan, D.L. Hurley, M.C. Isaac, R.M. Larimer, K.T. Lesko, E.B. Norman, A.R. Smith and R.G. Stokstad Nov. 23

Rad SNO-STR-95-057 Underground air radon monitoring: first experiment
J.X. Wang and J.J. Simpson Dec. 1

Sim SNO-STR-95-066 Data analysis of ESC counting for Ra and Rn
J.X. Wang Dec. 7

Sim SNO-STR-95-067 The Effects of Electron Scattering on Cerenkov Light Output
R.J. Komar Feb

Sim SNO-STR-96-001 The results of neural network statistical event class analysis
S. Brice Jan. 10

Sim SNO-STR-96-003 A Monte Carlo study of beta-gamma backgrounds from Tl208 and Bi214 in SNO
X. Chen Jan. 24

Sim SNO-STR-96-004 Neural network and statistical study of the 208Tl and the 214Bi decay events in SNO
X. Chen Jan. 24

Sim SNO-STR-96-006 Effects of electron scattering on Cerenkov light output
M.G. Bowler

Sim SNO-STR-96-007 Angular distribution of Cerenkov light from electrons both produced and stopping in water
M.G. Bowler and M.D. Lay

Soft SNO-STR-96-010 A systematic Study of the Background Analysis using SNOMAN code
X. Chen April 11

Const SNO-STR-96-012 Possible layout for a surface chemistry laboratory
B. Knox April 18

Wat SNO-STR-96-013 On Rn diffusion thorough urethane and polypropylene
E. Bonvin, P. Jagam, H. Lee, V. Novikov and J. Tan March 4

DAQ SNO-STR-96-018 Database installation guide
D. Cowen, G. Jonkman, R Komar May 30

Man SNO-STR-96-019 Introduction to PEGS4
Mike Lay May 30

Rad SNO-STR-96-021 Some aspects of the radon problem
E. Bonvin , B. Cleveland, P. Jagam, H. Lee, V. Novikov and M. Steiner June 6

Rad SNO-STR-96-022 Radon measurements with a portable air sampler coupled to the mobile electrostatic chamber
P. Jagam May 29

Rad SNO-STR-96-024 Radioactivity in carbon black used in AV covers by gamma-ray counting
P. Jagam and J. Law June 18

Cal SNO-STR-96-026 SNO Source Manipulator Control Code
T. Radcliffe March

Cal SNO-STR-96-027 A Hardware Control Class Hierarchy
T. Radcliffe March

Rad SNO-STR-96-028 Reduction of the radon levels in the SNO underground laboratory: internal source from emanated radon excluding leakage of air into the utility room
P. Jagam and J.J. Simpson June 21

Cal SNO-STR-96-029 First Run of the SNO 8Li Calibration System
A. Hamer, G. Jonkmans, B. Sur, N. Tagg, R. Deal July

Rad SNO-STR-96-031 Radon emanation measurement in the utility room at SNO underground laboratory
P. Jagam, J.J. Simpson, J.-X. Wang, E. Bonvin, H. Lee, H. Mende, D. Hepburn and E. Saettler

Sim SNO-STR-96-032 Comparison of Snoman's Cherenkov Light Distribution to a Single Scattered Model
C.J. Jillings and T.J. Radcliffe.

Rad SNO-STR-96-037 Radioactivity of Vectran (1/16 inch) rope and nylon balls by direct gamma-ray counting
E.D. Hallman, C. Ross. R. Michaud and J. Hykawy Sept. 1996

Const SNO-STR-96-038 Wall coating
D. Hallman

Wat SNO-STR-96-041 O2 Removal Efficiency of the Liquicel
E. Bonvin (H. Lee, Editor)

Wat SNO-STR-96-047 A reconsideration of the measurements with the O ring stack
B.T. Cleveland and J.K. Rowley

Rad SNO-STR-96-048 Systems for producing radon-free compressed air - Report IV
P. Jagam

Rad SNO-STR-96-049 Radium assay of the 60 ton tanks
J.-X. Wang, E. Bonvin, H. Lee and M. Steiner

Cal SNO-STR-96-055 Fitting optical constants in SNO using a pulsed N2/Dye laser
R. Ford

Cal SNO-STR-96-056 The nitrogen/dye laser calibration source
R. Ford

Sim SNO-STR-96-058 The distribution of Cerenkov Light and its effect on the separation of different classes of event by pattern recognition
M.G.Bowler, X.Chen, N.A.Jelley and M.Thorman.

Rad SNO-STR-96-060 Measurement of radon emanation from bubble detector tubing
J.X. Wang, H.W. Lee, M. O'Neill an A.B. McDonald

Rad SNO-STR-96-063 Experimental observations of U/Th decays in glass
W. Frati and R.G. Van de Water Dec. 5

Wat SNO-STR-96-064 Recent measurements with the O-ring stack
B.T. Cleveland and H.W. Lee Dec. 9

AV SNO-STR-96-070 Acrylic vessel cleaning tests
D. Earle, R.L. Hahn, E. Bonvin (and probably J. Boger)

Sim SNO-STR-96-071 Neutron transport in the Sudbury Neutrino Detector
J. Lyon PhD thesis Oxford University

AV SNO-STR-97-001 Tests of acrylic with phenol solutions
B. Knox and C. Goodwin

Wat SNO-STR-97-005 The production of 228Th-less 224Ra solutions using HTiO
R.K. Taplin and M.E. Moorhead

Rad SNO-STR-97-009 High energy gamma-ray measurements in the SNO cavity
M. Isaac

Sim SNO-STR-97-010 Energy Response of the SNO Detector in the Presence of the Neutral Current Detector Array
A.W.P. Poon, S.R. Elliott, and R.G.H. Robertson.

Sim SNO-STR-97-011 Simulations of SNO during an air fill or partial fill
S.D. Biller, M.E. Moorhead and D.L. Wark

Cal SNO-STR-97-015 N16 Construction Report
G. Jonkmans and D. Earle Feb 25

Cal SNO-STR-97-017 A study of a Cerenkov Photon Generator on the 16N Calibration Source During the Airfill
C. Okada

Man SNO-STR-97-020 Permeation of He Through Silica Seals
T.H. Burritt, S.R. Elliott, J.E. Franklin, R. G. H. Robertson, and M. Smith

Sim SNO-STR-97-021 Internal bremsstrahlung and SNO
M. Bowler

AV SNO-STR-97-024 Long-term immersion of acrylic in biocides
B. Knox August 25

Const SNO-STR-97-026 Cavity floor bolt seal tests and results
D. Hallman and J. Hewett Aug 12

Cal SNO-STR-97-033 Targets for the N16 calibration source
A. Hamer and B. Sur

Soft SNO-STR-97-034 Implementation of a supernova generator code for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Monte Carlo analysis software
H.-S Ng

DAQ SNO-STR-97-035 The SNO trigger system
J. Klein, M. Neubauer, M. Newcomer and R. Van Berg

Rad SNO-STR-97-036 Development of a trap to measure radon concentration in a high flow stream of nitrogen gas
B.T. Cleveland Sept. 12

Sim SNO-STR-97-038 Multiple Hit Effect in the SNO Photomultipler Tube Array
A.W.P. Poon Oct. 27

Cal SNO-STR-97-039 Testing a Neutron-Activated NaI Detector as a Low Energy Calibration Device for SNO: Part II
M.R. Dragowsky and E.B. Norman Oct. 27

Rad SNO-STR-97-042 Sampling of Utility Room air to determine the 222Rn Level
B. Stanley and H. Lee

Cal SNO-STR-97-043 16N and 8Li target chambers safety limits
G. Jonkmans

AV SNO-STR-97-045 Location of NCD Attachment Anchors
R. Komar and P. Doe Nov. 26

PSUP SNO-STR-97-047 Development of the LED optical calibration devices mounted on the PSUP
A. Schuelke, K. Lesko, C. Okada, Y.D. Chan

Cal SNO-STR-97-049 DT Generator Commissioning
B. Sur, A. Hamer, G. Jonkmans, J. Heise, H. Seifert, J. Hewett

DAQ SNO-STR-97-050 Remote hardware calibrate for the three crystal ultra-low background germanium gamma ray detector at 4600 level counting facility
P. Jagam and R. Michaud Dec. 30

Cal SNO-STR-97-052 A Proportional counter source to calibrate SNO backgrounds
F. Dalnoki-Veress and C.K. Hargrove Dec. 5

AV SNO-STR-97-053 The Shape of the Upper Half of the Acrylic Vessel Prior to Hanging it on Ropes
R. Komar

AV SNO-STR-97-054 Long term Monitoring of Acrylic Bonds Immersed in Ultra Pure Water
Peter Doe, B. Brewer, D. Earle July

Sim SNO-STR-98-002 Determination of the NC/CC shape during the pure D2O stage (Part II)
J.J. Simpson and J.-X. Wang

AV SNO-STR-98-003 The Shape of the Acrylic Vessel
R. Komar

AV SNO-STR-98-005 Summary report on Acrylic Vessel
D. Earle Feb 1998

Sim SNO-STR-98-010 The Angular Resolution of SNO
C.J. Jillings April 30

Con SNO-STR-98-012 Long-term immersion tests of "Omega" coated aluminium sheet as used for concentrators
B. Knox July 2

Sim SNO-STR-98-014 Extraction of the Charged-Current Signal from the Angular Distribution
R.G.H. Robertson July 8

NCD SNO-STR-98-016 The Design of the SNO NCD Construction Hardware In-situ Monitoring Experiment (CHIME)
A.W.P. Poon, T. Burritt, C.A. Duba, S.R. Elliott, K.M. Heeger and R.G.H. Robertson

Const SNO-STR-98-021 Description of the SNO Microseismic Detection System
J.D. Hepburn Dec 1

Elec SNO-STR-98-022 Performance of the electronics for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
E.W. Beier, D.F. Cowen, P.T. Kenner, J.R. Klein, F.M. Newcomer, D.S. McDonald, M. Neuabuer, R. Van Berg, R.G. Van de Water and P. Wittich November, 1998

PSUP SNO-STR-99-004 Determining the Position of the PSUP LED's
Alan Poon, Gary Koehler, Kevin Lesko and Colin Okada April 6

NCD SNO-STR-99-006 Tritium Contamination in the SNO Neutral Current Detectors
K. Heeger

Man SNO-STR-99-007 High Intensity Laser Timing and Air Fill Muons at SNO
Rob Hanson

Man SNO-STR-99-008 LED Data Analysis in Air Fill
X. Chen

Cal SNO-STR-99-016 Preparation of acrylic encapsulated radioactive calibration sources for SNO
M. Fowler, J.B. Wilhelmy

AV SNO-STR-99-017 Long term test of NCD anchor system
P. Doe

Cal SNO-STR-99-018 Miscellaneous studies of 16N data
X. Chen

Sim SNO-STR-99-021 Investigation of Relative Channel Efficiencies
Bill Frati, Josh Klein, Richard van de Water and Peter Wittich

NCD SNO-STR-99-022 Measurement of Alpha Particles on the Exterior Surface of the Neutral-Current Detectors in SNO
Dawn Erb and R.G.H. Robertson

Cal SNO-STR-99-023 First Generation Acrylic Encapsulated U/Th Sources
S. Brice Oct. 6

NCD SNO-STR-99-037 Pressure Analysis for Neutral-Current Detectors
T.H. Burritt, J.E. Franklin, R.G.H. Robertson

Man SNO-STR-99-038 Study of High Voltage-Dependent Phenomena in the SNO Detector
James Cameron, Bill Frati, Rich Helmer, Josh Klein, Neil Mccauley, Gordon Mcgregor, Mark Neubauer, Richard Van de Water, and Peter Wittich.

Man SNO-STR-99-039 The Gain and the Pain: A Study of Detector Response and Instrumental Backgrounds After the High Voltage Raise
James Cameron, Bill Frati, Rich Helmer, Chris Jillings, Josh Klein, Neil Mccauley, Gordon Mcgregor, Mark Neubauer, Richard Van de Water, and Peter Wittich.

Soft SNO-STR-2000-001 Data Cleaning: the Cluster Cut
Peter Wittich

Soft SNO-STR-2000-002 Data Cleaning: The Fitterless Time Spread Cut
Mark Neubauer

Soft SNO-STR-2000-004 An improved grid fitter
X. Chen

NCD SNO-STR-2000-005 Aluminum Contamination of Nickel Tubes used in NCD Construction
Miles Smith

Sim SNO-STR-2000-007 ECA, PCA and LaserBall Reconstruction
P. Skensved April 20

NCD SNO-STR-2000-010 The Tritium Spec for NCDs
Miles Smith

Soft SNO-STR-2000-012 M. Neubauer
Data Cleaning: The In-time Channel (ITC) Cut

DAQ SNO-STR-2000-013 J. Klein and M. Neubauer
Measurement of the SNO Trigger Efficiency

AV SNO-STR-2000-014 Long Term Monitoring of Vectran Filaments Immersed in Ultra Pure Water
Peter Doe, Greg Harper, Davis Earle July 2000

Const SNO-STR-2000-015 Determination of true north for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
K.T. Lesko, C. Okada, A. Poon

Wat SNO-STR-2000-016 Technique of rapid assay of radium isotopes in water
M. Yeh

AV SNO-STR-2000-018 Vectran rope stretch
D. Earle

Soft SNO-STR-2000-022 Using time and angle in reconstruction and the SNOMAN path fitter
M. Neubauer and J. Klein

Sim SNO-STR-2000-025 Contamination to CC/NC Separation by Radioactive Backgrounds
X. Chen

Sim SNO-STR-2000-026 Fitter Resolution and Systematic Errors
X. Chen

Soft SNO-STR-2000-028 Data cleaning: further studies on the neck cut
S. Marchand, N.McCauley and R.Helmer

Sim SNO-STR-2000-029 The efficiency and lifetime of neutrons in the SNO detector
B.G. Nickel and J.J Simpson

Sim SNO-STR-2000-032 Use of the Angular Correlation function to identify background SNO events
W. Heintzelman

Sim SNO-STR-2001-001 Efficiency of neutron capture on D in pure D2O from sources in the AV and the H2O
J.J. Simpson and B.G. Nickel

Cal SNO-STR-2001-002 The strength of the strong Cf-source and the efficiency for detecting neutrons
J.J. Simpson

Man SNO-STR-2001-003 Charged current ν cross section calculation based on structure functions
Thomas Kutter UBC

Soft SNO-STR-2001-004 Data Inspection Long Range Plotter
Jeremy Sylvestre

Man SNO-STR-2001-005 SNO Electronic Calibration Constants
Steve Biller, Bill Frati, Phil Harvey, Vadim Rusu, Jeremy Sylvertre, Richard Van de Water

Cal SNO-STR-2001-007 Acrylic source data analyses
X. Chen

Cal SNO-STR-2001-009 Measurements of the 252Cf Acrylic Source Standard
M.R. Dragowsky, M.M. Fowler, A. Hime, G.G. Miller and J.B. Wilhelmy 21 August, 2001

Wat SNO-STR-2001-012 Spectroscopic Investigation of Ferrous, Ferric, and Manganese Ions in Aqueous Solution
Minfang Yeh and R.L. Hahn

Cal SNO-STR-2001-017 "Report on Measurements of the Electroplated Th Wire PCA in the PCS Source"
C.K. Hargrove, F. Dalnoki-Veress, M. Yeh, and D. Sinclair

Cal SNO-STR-2002-002 "Insertion of PCS in SNO"
C. K. Hargrove and F. Dalnoki-Veress

Cal SNO-STR-2002-003 "Summary of PCS Physics Motivations"
F. Dalnoki-Veress and C. K. Hargrove

Sim SNO-STR-2002-004 "CC/NC Separation Using Angular Information"
W. Heintzelman

Soft SNO-STR-2002-007 "Updated Cross Sections in the MSW Code in SNOMAN"
I.T. Lawson

Elec SNO-STR-2002-010 "Status of SNO High Voltage Power Supplies"
N. Starinsky

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