PostScript Tags

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Author' Author string  
'BeginDocument' EmbeddedFile - --> PostScript Tags
(extracted with ExtractEmbedded option)
'BeginICCProfile' ICC_Profile - --> ICC_Profile Tags
'BeginPhotoshop' PhotoshopData - --> Photoshop Tags
'BoundingBox' BoundingBox N  
'Copyright' Copyright string  
'CreationDate' CreateDate string  
'Creator' Creator string  
'EmbeddedFileName' EmbeddedFileName N (not a real tag ID, but the file name from a BeginDocument statement. Extracted with document metadata when ExtractEmbedded option is used)
'For' For string (for whom the document was prepared)
'ImageData' ImageData N  
'Keywords' Keywords string  
'ModDate' ModifyDate string  
'Pages' Pages N  
'Routing' Routing string  
'Subject' Subject string  
'TIFFPreview' TIFFPreview N (not a real tag ID, but used to represent the TIFF preview extracted from DOS EPS images)
'Title' Title string  
'Version' Version string  
'begin_xml_packet' XMP - --> XMP Tags

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Last revised Sep 21, 2011

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