H264 Tags

Tags extracted from H.264 video streams. The metadata for AVCHD videos is stored in this stream.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
ImageHeight no  
ImageWidth no  
MDPM - --> H264 MDPM Tags

H264 MDPM Tags

The following tags are decoded from the Modified Digital Video Pack Metadata (MDPM) of the unregistered user data with UUID 17ee8c60f84d11d98cd60800200c9a66 in the H.264 Supplemental Enhancement Information (SEI). [Yes, this description is confusing, but nothing compared to the challenge of actually decoding the data!] This information may exist at regular intervals through the entire video, but only the first occurrence is extracted unless the ExtractEmbedded (-ee) option is used (in which case subsequent occurrences are extracted as sub-documents).

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0013 TimeCode no (hours:minutes:seconds:frames)
0x0018 DateTimeOriginal no (combined with tag 0x19)
0x0070 Camera1 - --> H264 Camera1 Tags
0x0071 Camera2 - --> H264 Camera2 Tags
0x007f Shutter - --> H264 Shutter Tags
0x00a0 ExposureTime no  
0x00a1 FNumber no  
0x00a2 ExposureProgram no
0 = Not Defined
1 = Manual
2 = Program AE
3 = Aperture-priority AE
4 = Shutter speed priority AE
5 = Creative (Slow speed)
6 = Action (High speed)
7 = Portrait
8 = Landscape
0x00a3 BrightnessValue no  
0x00a4 ExposureCompensation no  
0x00a5 MaxApertureValue no  
0x00a6 Flash no --> EXIF Flash Values
0x00a7 CustomRendered no 0 = Normal
1 = Custom
0x00a8 WhiteBalance no 0 = Auto
1 = Manual
0x00a9 FocalLengthIn35mmFormat no  
0x00aa SceneCaptureType no 0 = Standard
1 = Landscape
2 = Portrait
3 = Night
0x00b0 GPSVersionID no  
0x00b1 GPSLatitudeRef no 'N' = North
'S' = South
0x00b2 GPSLatitude no (combined with tags 0xb3 and 0xb4)
0x00b5 GPSLongitudeRef no 'E' = East
'W' = West
0x00b6 GPSLongitude no (combined with tags 0xb7 and 0xb8)
0x00b9 GPSAltitudeRef no 0 = Above Sea Level
1 = Below Sea Level
0x00ba GPSAltitude no  
0x00bb GPSTimeStamp no (combined with tags 0xbc and 0xbd)
0x00be GPSStatus no 'A' = Measurement Active
'V' = Measurement Void
0x00bf GPSMeasureMode no 2 = 2-Dimensional Measurement
3 = 3-Dimensional Measurement
0x00c0 GPSDOP no  
0x00c1 GPSSpeedRef no 'K' = km/h
'M' = mph
'N' = knots
0x00c2 GPSSpeed no  
0x00c3 GPSTrackRef no 'M' = Magnetic North
'T' = True North
0x00c4 GPSTrack no  
0x00c5 GPSImgDirectionRef no 'M' = Magnetic North
'T' = True North
0x00c6 GPSImgDirection no  
0x00c7 GPSMapDatum no (combined with tag 0xc8)
0x00e0 MakeModel - --> H264 MakeModel Tags
0x00e1 RecInfo - --> H264 RecInfo Tags
(Canon only)
0x00e4 Model no (Sony cameras only, combined with tags 0xe5 and 0xe6)
0x00ee FrameInfo - --> H264 FrameInfo Tags
(Canon only)

H264 Camera1 Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 ApertureSetting no 0xfe = Closed
0xff = Auto
1 Gain no [Mask 0x0f]
1.1 ExposureProgram no [Mask 0xf0]
0x0 = Program AE
0x10 = Gain
0x20 = Shutter speed priority AE
0x30 = Aperture-priority AE
0x40 = Manual
2.1 WhiteBalance no [Mask 0xe0]
0x0 = Auto
0x20 = Hold
0x40 = 1-Push
0x60 = Daylight
3 Focus no  

H264 Camera2 Tags

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
1 ImageStabilization no 0x0 = Off
0x3f = On (0x3f)
0xbf = Off (0xbf)
0xff = n/a

H264 Shutter Tags

Index2Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
1.1 ExposureTime no [Mask 0x7fff]

H264 MakeModel Tags

Index2Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 Make no 0x103 = Panasonic
0x108 = Sony
0x1011 = Canon
0x1104 = JVC

H264 RecInfo Tags

Recording information stored by some Canon video cameras.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 RecordingMode no 2 = XP+
4 = SP
5 = LP
6 = FXP
7 = MXP

H264 FrameInfo Tags

Frame rate information stored by some Canon video cameras.

Index1Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
0 CaptureFrameRate no  
1 VideoFrameRate no  

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