Carleton/Queen's/Victoria MRS

Questions about available resources should be directed to:
Carleton Resources - Kevin Graham
Queen's Resources - Tony Noble
Victoria Resources - Randall Sobie

Request form for allocation of MRS personnel

SAP Project Title     Funding Source

Primary Contact Information

First Name Last Name
E-mail Phone

Project and Work
Description, including
justification for the
need for the resources
on the schedule defined
and expected impact of
these resources.
Proposed Start
Duration (months)

Estimated FTEs Required for Requested Personnel

4 months
4 months
James Botte (electronics) – Carleton
Philippe Gravelle (technician) – Carleton
Rodney Schnarr (designer) – Carleton
Rob Gagnon (machinist) – Queen's
Phil Harvey (software) – Queen's
Sam de Jong (detector technologist) - Victoria

(Copies of this form submission will be sent to the board representatives and the E-mail address given above. The board meets at least quarterly to review these requests.)